Soul Retrieval, What to Expect

What to Expect during a Soul Retrieval Session


2/22/20221 min read

Soul Retrieval sessions typically last around 1 hour. What does a session require of you? Well you will need to be in a room where you can close the door and be undisturbed. Headphones are also highly recommended!

Expect to be completely relaxed! Perhaps even more relaxed than you have been in a long time! Also expect to be accessing the imagination that you may have not been using since you were a child. I will be guiding the deeper part of you on a journey, and this part does not know the difference between physically real or imagined, so afterwards you may feel like you just got back from an amazing vacation. You will be following my instructions like a gps and visiting your past with your subconscious. We will collect your essence from the past that has remained in painful situations or relationships. It does not take a time travel machine to imagine you as your younger self and merge back, to gather what belongs to you.

Expect the unexpected! Everyone experiences their imagination in their own way through different senses, feelings, or sometimes imagery or colors. You never know what age you will return to, to collect parts of yourself or what you will imagine along the way. It will be a pleasurable experience that will nourish you and expand your energy. You will not live through the trauma again because you will be stronger during the session and afterwards.