Planets, Astrology, & Tarot

Why use Divination?

7/26/20220 min read

Divination, planets, astrology and Tarot

All of these tools carry wisdom and standards in the form of traits for us to embody in various areas of our lives. Why use tarot and why use astrology? Because the planets, the signs represent ideals and characteristics like nurturing mother, quick action , or creative inspiration, or slow and steady contemplation, just for examples. So rather than looking to celebrities or humans as gurus, we can look to these divine modalities that represent a certain action or quality that is needed in our life at this time. So if you believe in synchronicity and things happening in your life for a reason, that is why using oracle cards or astrology can show up for you. And in this way of gaining information from the planets, or tarot, we can see which of these archetypes of energy would benefit us at this time in our life.

If you would like to experience all of these things together I offer group sessions on the new moon and full moon with a tarot, astrology, and guided meditation. Email to get the details and the Zoom link.