Returning to our own Essence

Why I love the Grounding Meditation

8/8/20220 min read

Summer is usually a time of more socializing and get togethers. When we connect with our friends and others, we do just that- we connect to their energy. As much as we enjoy spending time together, we can come home feeling a bit drained. Connecting with others' energy on a regular basis can lead us to feeling scattered and reach for mind numbing activities instead of attending to our needs. Incorporating a grounding practice into your routine takes only a few minutes a day. Not only does it reconnect you back to the current place and time, doing the practice regularly will improve focus and strengthen your ability to “imagine”. This imagination muscle we used so much as children can benefit our subconscious immensely to feel safe and stable. The grounding meditation iis a way to connect with our own energy and deliver attention back to ourselves. When you start this practice, mark the day in the calendar, so you can begin to see the difference it makes in the days and months to come. The link is below for the meditation: