Honoring our Own Energy

Aligning with our true essence

11/3/20220 min read

Let’s face it. Does anyone really have a clue what is going on?Our only truth is the way we feel. When we let other dramas and people’s business infuse into our thoughts continuously, it dilutes our essence. And this is what can block us from transforming our lives. We have to know what aligns with us, and to know this we must honor our own energy by standing in it.

How do we honor our own energy? One way is by grounding, using our imagination for our mental focus and body awareness. Why use our imagination? Does this sound silly? Well we use our imagination to think of other people’s motives and scenarios that could possibly play out in our lives too, this is just the normalized way we are used to using our imagination which usually leads to anxiety, thinking we do not have the tools to handle what is coming our way.

The other way is using our imagination to deliver us grace. Imagine our thoughts get washed by focusing into the other part of the imagination, our intention of purification. I have said it in my book, “The Spiritual Workbook” ENERGY HYGIENE is crucial!

Another way is to recollect our energy, stay tuned for this subject for my next offering, honoring your energy. You have given away a lot of yourself in life. Everyone has over given at some point or another. Don’t take a loss, you owe it to yourself to have all of YOU back in YOU.A link for my book is below to start claiming all of you