Entertainment Hypnosis vs. Professional Hypnosis

Why people do not know if they can trust hypnosis

3/31/20231 min read

Most of us have seen the videos of making people go unconscious and telling them to do ridiculous things with hypnosis. They start to think they are Mickey Mouse and run around. Or someone makes an attractive girl supposedly fall in love with them. Well there are many ways to entertain people and that is one of them. There are also effective ways to help people, and hypnosis is one of them. With most professions, there is the percentage of people who do it in a sleazy , and give a bad reputation to the reputable professionals. Used car salesman that rip people off, massage therapists that are actually prostitutes, every profession has a shadow side people can get taken advantage of.

The difference with this professional hypnotism, is that we are doing it for the client. it is a one on one confidential session to benefit the client's life, not to make an audience laugh, or to make a show for an algorithm on the internet, it is my reputation on the line. We are not getting paid by an audience for entertainment. So if I make you do something ridiculous, I make myself ridiculous because the session is recorded for the client. The clients are paying us for our time and expertise to lead them into a trance and help create this desired change in their life. We are independent contractors who use our real name, at least I do, and I am not going to ask you for your bank information, because again it is recorded and payments in our modern age can be processed easily without me knowing any of your details, except your name and birthday to address you properly and have the information to treat you effectively.