Do You Even Need a Drink?

Asking ourselves what we really need instead of just drinking

5/11/20231 min read

how to replace drinking
how to replace drinking

How many times have you heard someone say they need a drink, after finding out some drama or disenchanting news? We see drinking normalized in almost every show and movie, successful people drinking after a long day. Is this what we really need?

One thing I tell my clients is to ask themselves what they need throughout the day. When it comes to overcoming addictions, this internal dialogue becomes crucial! When you ask, you receive. Asking ourselves instead of demanding what we need. What about if we asked ourselves what we needed before we decided we need a drink?

To help you overcome an addiction to alcohol, I offer one on one sessions. We work with your subconscious, and I help you replace those patterns with consciousness.

What do we Actually Need instead of a Drink?