Believe you can Lose Weight with Hypnosis

Help yourself believe Weight Loss is Possible

3/27/20231 min read

Fear can show up in so many ways for us, even in fear of never losing the weight!

Plus with so many changes in our lives, and our world, our body can get stressed, or respond by gaining weight. Then after putting on the weight, it is not only a matter of a new lifestyle, but the confidence to believe we can actually shed the weight. We give commands to our body for hours every day and night. "Lose Weight!" is not just a decision we can command to our physical body. We may tell ourselves all day we need to lose weight. What is very important is the commitment to believe in ourselves, our ability to lose weight, and stay attracted to our lifestyle changes.

This is where hypnosis comes in to help us mentally reprogram the self defeating thoughts that say  what the point, 'I'm not going to lose the weight anyway. You will begin to enjoy food more, and crave the foods that are good for your body. See what I did here? I already slipped in a couple positive suggestions, which part of the hypnosis process during the session. Help yourself believe you can lose weight with hypnosis, claim your confidence!