Asking your Depression..

What do I need to know?

5/25/20231 min read

universe prayer for depression
universe prayer for depression

Praying to the Universe for Relief from Depression

What do I need to know? The familiar heaviness that sweeps in and robs you of motivation or excitement for life seems natural to succumb to.

Even if you are not clinically depressed, maybe your are just in a slump. You have overextended yourself for work, family, and now you are left with yourself wondering when is it your turn?

When you confront the sad heavy feeling with a question, this opens up new portal for change. To gain awareness so you know what you need to do to feel better.

Allow yourself to pray. Prayer is a question, a plea for relief. You have to ask, to believe, and this is engaging in a partnership with the universe.

Share your concerns, so you do not think that you are in this alone, but that you will be guided in an effective way for getting relief. Ask for guidance and help, and expect to get it.

“What do I need to overcome? I ask for guidance and help. This will create a relationship with the divine.